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Four incredible stories

Want the same Results?

We use Big Data to Produce BIG Results


This allows you to see things before they happen and adjust quicker than others in your industry.

98 Average BSR
98.9% Coefficent


The number of data points collected and indexed. The data points include response rates from ad campaigns, attendees, uniques, number of sets to first meeting, second, etc. The data spans 7 years and 31 states.


One change was responsible for $3,300,000 in annuity production


States have supplied data

  • 0%
  • 0%
  • 0%
  • 0%

Supplied by our matrix and our proprietary algorithm we have identified key milestones and benchmarks.

Benchmark Standard Rating

This metric is unique to you. Compiles mutliple points of data and correlates them to determine your success rate


The PPOD system produces consistent results month after month when it is executed exactly as designed. Consistent ad campaigns allow for uniformly filled schedules and regular commissions.

Customized Marketing Strategies

Your Market

Our team will conduct a complete analysis of your market. We will determine where your best prospects live by region and zip code for potential direct mail campaigns. Newspapers, radio, broadcast and cable TV will be investigated as well. The result will be a recommendation of what media will reach the greatest number of prospects at the least possible cost.

Your Plan

A careful plan will be constructed week by week that will fill up each seminar and create a steady flow of prospects that optimize your meeting schedule. But our team doesn’t stop with a plan on paper. We create personalized advertising for you. We create completely customized advertising campaigns. Our copywriters write every word. Our graphic designers layout every design. Then, we negotiate the prices and schedule the media. We do all of this work for you so that you can focus on just one thing: selling.

Marketing Book

Customized Sales Process

Your Sales

The PPOD system recognizes that each client presents a different circumstance and different goals. The solutions are built around a total plan, not a product. We believe it doesn’t matter what the product is called. It matters what it does. The sales you will close in this PPOD system are going to be of higher total asset level than the national average. This is no small difference. For example, the national average annuity is $40,000. In our PPOD system, the average case is $120,000 and often much more.

Your Plan

The PPOD system crushes the old chaotic cycle of busy and bust. The consistent nature of the system keeps your daily schedule full of new appointments. It is truly a prospect-generating system. Our team builds a total plan for you that will carry you through the entire year. We know how to construct, manage, and measure every aspect of the plan for you in your market. It’s customized and designed to accomplish the income goals you want to achieve.

Prospect Tracking Through Analytics

Tracking Prospects

With the systems we have created, we have made the tracking of details remarkably easy. Beginning with details that launch a campaign, you then will touch the system just a handful of times for only seconds at a time. This tracking includes the media used, the number of responders, the number of unique buying units that plan to attend, and the number that actually attend. From there, the number the set an appointment, reminder calls, and show/no-show at the first appointment is all tracked. Once familiar with how to operate the system, entering client notes after each meeting in the sequence takes less than one minute. Soon, you will have thousands of data points and be swimming in numbers. The good news is, you can ignore all of it, because our system also provides you with an Analytics Manager to make sense of it all.

Analytics Analyzed

Because our PPOD system is designed to keep you in front of a steady stream of new prospects, our team continually analyzes the data to make sure that your marketing campaigns are performing up to expectations. Additionally, we take a close look at the restaurants you are using, the food costs, room fees, ease of access, location and more. From the seminar set rate to the ability to keep each client active through the meeting sequence, a very detailed analysis will be compiled that shows exact origin of every dollar of production. All of this dramatically helps improve the quality of the decisions made to grow the business and reach your goals.

Client Relationsip Manager

Financial Strategies

The Ultimate Plan: Protection, Prosperity and Legacy


Affinity’s exclusive comprehensive multi-disciplinary planning protects assets from a spend-down. Drawing on the expertise of over 25 hand-selected independent law firms nationwide, plans can have a legal structure that maintains eligibility for all state and federal combination benefits while protecting money and property from all Estate Recovery efforts.


Growth of retirement funds does not have to be at the mercy of the markets. Safe growth is built into each custom plan built for Affinity’s clients. This allows them to forget the markets knowing that even if it drops, dips, or crashes, they will not lose a dime of principle. There is zero downside market risk. Plus, growth rates can be as much as 10% every year which makes a world of difference from the 1% in a savings or checking account.


Our planning strategies routinely accomplish the impossible. For example, we helped a client with $300,000 leave each of their two children $300,000 tax-free AND spend over $100,000 in their lifetime. The plan had zero downside market risk. Not only that, but it had provisions built-in to maintain all eligibility for state and federal combination benefits in the event they would need some form of long-term-care in their lifetime. The plan was safe, protected, and helped her provide a legacy for each of her two children while allowing her to live the lifestyle they were used to.

This type of planning requires case design experts who can see the entire picture and think about the plan – not about the product. This approach is one of the reasons that the financial strategies used inside Affinity’s system are able to capture a greater amount of the total investable assets of each client.

Self funding Marketing


One of the secrets to massive success with the PPOD system is to continually launch ad campaigns exactly on the schedule that the Affinity Advertising team will plan for you.

Yes, this takes money. But as the old saying goes, it takes (a little) money to make (massive) money. One of the secrets of this system is that it can become entirely self-funding.

Here is how it works:

Most agents/advisors begin with a four seminar per-month model. This breaks down into two lunch time seminars every other week. Each ad campaign promotes two seminars. Then, because we view your practice as a true business, we view it that way. It’s no longer a sale and some commission. It is an investment in consistent ad campaigns, that produce gross revenue to your business. From that gross revenue, you subtract some expenses like food costs, ad campaign costs, and then set aside a portion of the gross revenue into a new ad campaign budget. With each event, and new infusion of gross revenue, you consistently add to that new ad campaign budget. Soon you will be funding all future ad campaigns out of this budget. As a result, this becomes a self-funding system.

Psychology of the Sale Training

Affinity Missile

Training Overview

There is a hidden third “P” in the PPOD system. Of course, it stands for “Psychology” of the sale. We have found that the normal level of sales ability that the average producer has does not allow him/her to reach the highest levels of production and commissions. So, we have carefully crafted a series of specific, highly-focused, interactive sales trainings that delve deeply into the psychology of the prospect and exactly how to respond under all circumstances.

Covert Persuasion Training

Jim Speakman, our Vice President has studied persuasion, influence, and compliance gaining for over 20 years. He is a published author. He wrote the book Covert Persuasion with co-author Kevin Hogan. The book covers 55 tactics that can covertly persuade others to your way of thinking. It is available at amazon in all formats and is now in 14 languages.

As part of the exclusive training sessions, Jim adds covert persuasion techniques that help you to close more cases, more often, at higher average case sizes.

Understanding the psychology behind how everyone makes decisions and specifically how the post-retirement senior adult decides will make the difference between struggle and success for you and your team.

Covert Persuasion Book


  • 1. Predicting Behavior through Language
  • 2. Future Pacing and Anticipated Regret
  • 3. The 7-letter word that gains compliance
  • 4. Oscillation and compliance gaining
  • 5. Covert Persuasion strategies
  • 6. NLP techniques in the Retirement and Estate planning sale

Class Outline

Every single Wednesday throughout the year, there is a live multiple-hour training on the psychology of the sale conducted by the founder and CEO of Affinity Advisory Network, Robert Hall. Trained to the President’s Club level at Sander Sales. In addition to that extraordinary training, Robert has spend years polishing those strategies and more for incredible results. As an active, producing agent with Affinity Advisory Network, you are automatically invited to the monthly Psychology-of-sales training sessions.


When demand reaches the highest level, a new specialized training class of Sandler Sales techniques. When formed, these classes are conducted from 9am until 12noon. Then, after those classes conclude, Robert Hall himself will conduct extended training so that you walk away with the technique AND exactly how to apply it to the post-retirement Estate Planning sale.

These classes are ONLY offered Live in Canton, Ohio.

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Your Team

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Our Story

Affinity Advisory Network, LLC provides a proven turn-key system that provides Prospects On Demand for the independent agent backed by unparalleled support through a strong back office and a multidisciplinary network of Professionals.

The Beginning

Founded by Robert Hall, Affinity Advisory Network, started in this industry at age 19. Since that time, he has climbed to the top by creating, testing, and perfecting our proprietary system that creates Prospects on Demand. This means more appointment per day which means more closed cases. Plus, with access to a professional network, more total planning can be provided for clients. Using only this system, Robert has sold $15million in personal annuity production annually. Now, he is personally showing other growth-minded agents exactly how to launch this system in their local markets.

The Marketing

Using proprietary marketing created exclusively by the team at Affinity, the prospect is educated, persuaded, and motivated to take the actions necessary to learn more. Reaching the right people with the right message at the right time, the marketing system is unlike anything in the industry today. The attention this marketing generates also positions you in your market as the ultimate expert.

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The System

Every single element of the PPOD system has been tested and proven. It works. Our team is by your side and advising you exactly how to dramatically grow your business including when to place the ads, the timeline of the client meetings, the creative case design, and more. Every element has been worked out, all you need to do is follow the system exactly and you will begin to close dramatically more production.

The Results

Stunning results await you as you execute this system. Because annuities may be a part of the final customized retirement and estate plan for your client, it may help to realize the average annuity sale in the country is $40,000.00. By following this system, the average case size is just over $120,000.00. Knowing this should cause you to investigate everything about this system.